Why Track & Field?

Madison Memorial Track & Field: a test of athletic purity.

A successful season of Memorial Track & Field will provide the following:

  • A perspective on what it takes to compete as an individual...to test the limits of your athletic ability with no excuses other than looking in the mirror
  • Increase your quickness, speed, power, endurance, jumping, and coordination
  • Dedication to self-improvement in the context of commitment to a team
  • The ability to realize your athletic potential through refined and specific training
  • An opportunity to go head-to-head to test your athletic ability against the top athletes in Wisconsin
  • A sport with measurable goals of improvement....your times and marks provide the evidence..NO debates
  • Commitment to academics will be maintained to assure eligibilityA lifelong sense of self-worth and self-determination will evolve as you learn how to mentally and physically be at your best on and off the track
    An opportunity for doors to be open to colleges if you are an outstanding Track & Field Athlete
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