2011 West Relays

This meet is scheduled for 4/2 at the UW Shell. Check back shortly after the meet for a meet summary, results, and photos.

2011 Madison West Relays
The Shell - Madison, WI
Saturday April 2, 2011

Class B Meet Schedule
10:00am all field events to conclusion
10:00am 55 M. High Hurdles trials
10:20am 55 M. Dash trials
10:40am 55 M. High Hurdles semi-finals
10:50am 55 M. Dash semi-finals
11:00am 3200 M. Relay
12:15pm 55 M. High Hurdles Final
12:20pm 55 M. Dash Final
12:25pm 1600 M. Run
12:45pm 800 M. Relay
1:10pm 400 M. Dash
1:25pm 400 M. Relay
1:45pm 800 M. Run
2:05pm 200 M. Dash
2:25pm 3200 M. Run
2:55pm 1600 M. Relay
Class A Meet Schedule
4:30pm all field events to conclusion
4:30pm 55 M. High Hurdles trials
4:50pm 55 M. Dash trials
5:10pm 55 M. High Hurdles semi-finals
5:20pm 55 M. Dash semi-finals
5:30pm 3200 M. Relay
6:15pm 55 M. High Hurdles Final
6:20pm 55 M. Dash Final
6:25pm 1600 M. Run
6:45pm 800 M. Relay
7:10pm 400 M. Dash
7:25pm 400 M. Relay
7:45pm 800 M. Run
8:05pm 200 M. Dash
8:25pm 3200 M. Run
8:55pm 1600 M. Relay

Changes to Entries
Entries are due very early and there will understandably be changes that need to be made. Please email changes to jonk@smaresults.com prior to 8:00 PM Friday April 1, 2011 Changes emailed after 8:00 PM will not be received. Please clearly indicate the changes you are requesting especially when substituting athletes. (i.e. In the 800m Jim Johnson is running in place of Steve Smith.)

General Instructions
Coaches must submit their meet entries using the online entry system. Paper, faxed or other form of entries will NOT be accepted. Internet Explorer is currenlty the only supported web browser. Firefox, Mozilla, Netscapte, etc. will not work. Entries are due by 12:00 PM Saturday March 26, 2010. Failure to adhere to this deadline may result in withdrawl from the meet. The online entry system does not report when entries are due, it reports when the system will be shutdown. The online entry system will NOT be turned back on after it closes. Coaches are accountable for submitting entries on time. Put a reminder in your calendaring software, iPhone, etc. to remind you.

If you have technical problems with the online entry system or trouble submitting your entries, contact the Sports Management Associates Madison office at 608-206-5909 or jonk@smaresults.com. All meet related questions should be directed to Madison West High School. DO NOT email or call Madison West High School with technical problems relating to this web site. Sports Management Associates recommends creating your account and entering your team rosters immediately (that means today) to ensure you do not have technical problems delaying your entry submittal.

Meet Schedule
The meet schedule is above.

Specific Instructions
From the list of meets, select either the Class A or Class B meet for the 2011 Madison West Relays. To create a new account, select the "create account" link. If you have an account simply enter your email address and password to sign in.

When creating a new account, enter your contact information then select the "Create Account" link. Next, enter your team name and the WIAA abbreviation designated for your school. Select the "Update" link to finish creating your account.

NOTE: There's a bug in the online entry system when you first create your account. Once your account is created, terminate Internet Explorer and re-login to the online entry system. You will be asked to finish creating your account at that point.

Select the "View Team Roster" link to begin adding your athletes. To add a new athlete select the "Add New Athlete" link. Add the athlete information and select the "Update" link.

To add an athlete to the meet select the "Entries" link of the desired athlete. The list of available events will be displayed. To enter an athlete in an event select the checkbox next to the event name and enter a seed mark. Both the checkbox and seed mark steps must be performed. Select the "Save Entries" link to save the changes. A confirmation screen will be displayed for the athlete. Select the "View Team Roster" link to return to the team roster or "Edit Entries" link to return to the entries for the selected athlete.

To add relay entries to the meet, select the "View Relay Entries" link from the team roster page. Next, select the "Add New Relay" link to add a new relay. Select a relay gender, which will fill the list of events. Select the relay event, enter the relay letter (always should be "A" for the West Relays) and appropriate seed time.

Select the "View Entries Report" to display a list of entries by event. This is an easy way for you to quickly check your entries. You should print a copy of the entry report for your records.

Relay Only Athletes
Relay only athletes should be added to the team roster. Simply do not enter them in any individual events. Relay cards will be collected during the meet. The relay cards is where you will declare your relay rosters. Adding your entire team roster to the online registration system assists in data entry on meet day.

Seed Marks
Seed marks are intended to match athletes based on current ability. Honesty in your entry marks only creates better competition for your athlete(s).

There are specific formats to use for seed marks.
  • Athletes/relays without seed marks use NT, ND and NH for no time, no distance and no height, respectively.
  • For times use the "mm:ss.tt" format. For example (1:58.3, 25.11, 7.00)
  • Heights and distances should use the "ff-ii.tt" format. For example (5-07, 21-01.25,13-0)
NOTE: It's important to use the correct format for seed marks. Improperly entered seed marks will be discarded and entered as NT, ND or NH.

Opening Heights
There will be strict opening heights in both vertical jumps. In the Pole Vault the opening heights will be Class B - 11'0" and Class A - 12'0". Opening height for the high jump is 5'8" for both Classes.

Event Entry Limits
All teams are limited to one relay team per event. All running events are also limited to one entry per team with the exception of the 55 Meter Dash and 55 Meter Hurdles that have a two entry maximum. All field events have a two entry maximum per team.

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