Family & Friends Float, Apparel, & Shoe Night on 3/11

Athletes, Parents, & Guardians,
* We will have a brief introduction meeting on Thursday 3/11 after practice from 6:15 to about 7:00pm. All athletes and their families are invited to stop by. It will be in the Memorial cafeteria.
o Please plan on coming to meet the coaches and get answers to any questions
o Answer any questions about team expectations
o Explain our Academic Tuesday Report process
o Help organize communication for our Track & Field Supporters throughout the year
o Help organize volunteers
o Purchase JMM Track & Field Gear (sold below what it cost!) ($5-$20)
o Order and see samples of 2010 JMM Track & Field Gear
o Enjoy some Root Beer Floats (a pre-dinner snack!)
+ Last Name: A-J please bring vanilla ice cream
+ Last Name: K-R please bring 2 liters of root beer, cherry soda, etc.
+ Last Name: S-Z please bring cups

* Friday’s practice will be a short practice due the Boys Basketball game.

* Tuesday Reports
o Athletes are required to get a weekly grade/progress check every Tuesday during the season
o Parents/Guardians will be contacted if an athlete has a D or F grade in a class.
+ Contact will either be via an email, phone-call, or the athlete bringing home their Tuesday report to have it signed by you

* Shoe needs: Athletes should have a decent pair of running shoes. We are organizing a “shoe night” to take place right after tonight's presentation (3/11). Berkeley Running Company (University Ave.) and Moving Shoes (Park St.) are both recommended for having knowledgeable staff to properly fit a running shoe.

· Clothing Needs: Athletes should have cold-weather gear available at every practice and meet. It is highly likely that we will have some outdoor track meets in non-ideal conditions as well as have outdoor practices in cool weather that requires outdoor athletic clothing. It is not requires that athletes have out Track and Field team warmup suit, but it is offered once again in our 2010 Track and Field Apparel order sheet.

· Athletic Fees are due at the end of the first week of practice Friday March 12th. The fee is $115 for Track and Field. Checks can be written out to Madison Memorial Athletic Department.

· Athletes will have the availability to have their own locker in our Track & Field Team Room. I do have a limited number of combination locks available for checkout for the season, but these are on a first come first serve basis. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own locks to secure their gear.

* Our practice times will vary slightly depending upon the event that your son is participating in.
o We will only practice indoors if the weather is inhospitable outside. Coaching staff will let the athletes know.
o Indoor practice times if the weather outside is not hospitable.
+ March 8-12 at 3:45 – 7:10 Fieldhouse
+ March 15-19 at 5:30 – 7:00 Fieldhouse
+ March 22-26 at 7:00 – 8:30 Fieldhouse
+ March 29-4/2 at 8:30 – 10:00 Fieldhouse
+ April 5-12 at 11:00 – 1:00 Fieldhouse (Spring Break)
o Practice Schedules and whether we will be inside or outside will be posted online at Distance runners are likely to be practicing outside regardless of the conditions.
o All outdoor practices will start @ 3:45 on the track.
o Practices that start after school will typically end between 5:30pm-6pm

* Absences
o If you have a planned absence please let the coaching staff know well ahead of time. Even excused absences could result in the changing of meet entries for the athletes, as their training will be compromised when they miss a practice.

* and email list
o There is a parent link on the left hand side of the screen that is open for parents to leave comments or notes to one another. Please use this as you see fit to communicate with one another.
o I will use the email list to communicate with parents and family members.
o The website contains a links for schedules, driving directions, records, etc. Let me know if you think anything could be added that would help out with communication.

* Spring Break
o We will have required practices during Spring Break. If at all possible it is highly encouraged that athletes are at practice. If a vacation is planned please consider leaving one day later so those Varsity level athletes can compete at the Indoor City Meet. Spring Break practice schedule is weather forecast dependent.

* Madison Memorial Booster Club
o I completely understand the financial needs of raising a child. If you have the ability to give a bit extra to help support our high-quality athletic programs it would be much encouraged.
o Let me know if you are in a situation to help advertise a business or program in turn for a donation to our athletic department.
o Monetary donations are welcome.
o JMM Track & Field will be offering a keepsake program for our 43rd annual Spartan Invite on May 7th this year.
+ Individuals/Families: If you would like to help sponsor this meet and the development of some new custom awards for the athletes please considering donating $10. You have the option to have your name appear in our advertising section of the program.
+ Business/Groups: If your business or community group would like to help sponsor this meet and the development of some new custom awards for the athletes please consider purchasing and advertising block for $10, $25, $50, or $100. Prices are based on the size of your advertisement. (1/8, ¼, ½, or full page)

Please feel free to contact me at 238-6968 at home or via email at
* Coaches Contact
o Head Coach: Travis Tangen à
o Throws Coach: Joe Frontier à
o Pole Vault Coach: Steve Guziewski à
o Distance Coach: Casey Hopp à
o Sprints Coach: Brett Wheeler à

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