Parent , Family, & Friends Track & Field Meet on Saturday 4/24

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The weather is not cooperating and the level of fun will not be very high so the Family and Friends Fun Meet is canceled. If you get this information early in the day please pass it around so that everyone knows. Next meet: Dual vs Janesville Craig on Tuesday at our home track.

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All friends and family who would like to participate are encouraged to give things a try and learn about the events. The emphasis is on having fun and seeing some things that the kids do to prepare themselves for competition. Your participation could be simply watching the athlete’s demos and presentations of their events, feeling what its like to squat in the blocks, or maybe even throw a shot or discus or jump in the sand.

Saturday April 24th at 4pm @ Mansfield Stadium

Order of Events

You may choose to do all the events or just a is up to you. You can just come along to watch and learn about the sport as well.





Welcome & Warm-Up

The Senior Leadership crew will take all perspective participants through a few warm-up drills to get ready for the meet. We will meet on the track near the starting line of the 100m dash near the concession stand.


110m Hurdles

Senior Captain Lechein Neblett will introduce the hurdles and block starts.

Participants can choose to practice a few hurdle drills or run the whole race. Hurdles will be available from 6 inches tall to 42 inches tall.


Shot Put

Senior Ed Kluender will introduce the basics of the Shot Put.

Participants can choose to throw a 6 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb, or 14 lb shot put from the shot put circle. Each participant will have 2 attempts.



Junior Captain Jonathon Jung will introduce the basics of the Discus.

Participants can choose to throw differently weighted discuses from the discus circle. Each participant will have 2 attempts.


Long Jump & Triple Jump

Senior Captain Freddie Jackson will introduce the basics of the Long Jump and Triple Jump. Participants can choose to try each event and actually run and jump in the sand to set a new personal record.


Pole Vault

Junior Captain Michael Salerno will introduce the basics of the Pole Vault. Participants can choose to try a couple of drills that pole-vaulters use to prepare themselves for meets. Sorry we won’t be letting anyone go over a bar in this one.


High Jump

Senior Leader Aaron Frey and Junior Leader Jordan Carlson and Junior Isaac Carlson will describe the High Jump. If anyone would like to try the high jump without a bar in the way they certainly can give it a try.


400m, 800m, or 1600m run.

Senior Captains Aaron Heiliger and Benji Hansen will describe their general event preparation and race strategies. Participants can choose to run a 400m, 800m or 1600m race. The races will be run simultaneously and will be a timed final. This might be the only time you could run three races at the same time and win them all.


Closing Ceremonies

Our student-athlete leadership team will update you on upcoming events and thank you for learning a little more about the sport that they put so much of their mental and physical to achieve at the highest levels.

The time schedule is only an estimate. As with all track and field meets we will run ahead of schedule if possible.

Please note: There will be a shopping cart rolling supply of various popsicles and treats following the event caravan. It is expected that participants have fun watching or giving the events a try. Any and all accommodations will be made to ensure that everyone has a chance to get a feel for what the athletes do on a daily basis. In other words we would like everyone that shows up to have a great time.

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