Week 2 Practice

(orders must be placed by March 24th)

Week 2 - Practice Schedule
Monday - 3:55pm - 6:15pm
Tuesday - 3:55pm - 6:15pm
Wednesday - 3:55pm - 6:15pm
Thursday - 3:55pm - 6:15pm
Friday - 3:55pm - 6:15pm or Girls Dubuque Invitational (talk to your event coach)
Saturday - Boys Dubuque Invitational (talk to your event coach)

Dubuque High School Invitational
GIRLS - Friday March 21st 4:00pm - Bus 1:00pm (Live Results)
BOYS - Saturday March 22nd 10:30am - Bus 7:30am (Live Results)
2013 Results - (JMM did not attend in 2013)

Make sure you have all your paperwork completed
Take care of your grades and attendance
Bring locks for a locker
Bring clothes for working out inside and outside
Take care of your bodies so we are healthy

Athlete Questionnaire - All athletes should fill out

Questions or Concerns
Coach Frontier (jfrontier@madison.k12.wi.us)
Coach Richardson (wkrichardson@madison.k12.wi.us)

Parent Volunteers (click & fill out)
Parents who are interested in timing at JMM home meet should sign up here

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